12.2. 2015


Babies already have 8 weeks. They are first vaccinated and chipped. They play a lot every day inside, outside and on the garden and yard. They explore new things and learn how to comunicate with adult dogs. They also enjoy many visits. All are eager and prepared and looking for new homes.

There are many new photos – 6 weeks – stacked, Sleeping beauties gallery and also new pictures from the first day outside.

Everybody, who knows us, knows, that our main hobby is dog comunication. HERE you can find fantastic article about main princips of dogs behaviour and their problems in nowadays world.

Cuchulainn6 (4)

25.1. 2015

In a gallery and on the page of puppies there are new beautiful pictures. :)

Cinderella5 (9)

6.1. 2015

We have puppies!


2.12. 2014

We lost our beloved Mimin…


14.9. 2014

Lot of new things happened since May. The best news is, that Niko found his new home in Slovenia. He enjoys long walks in the landscape and a loving family with two dog friends and lots of cats. The most sad news is, that our beloved Beowulf, living in Norway, died tragically. His star was shining too shortly, but strongly. We wil never forget him. He was once in a lifetime dog.

15.5. 2014

Albireo “Niko” Izironk is looking for a new home.

Niko 2 years

Niko came back home to us as 2 years old. He is very nice and kind, rather submissive and very quick learner. He was the only dog in his former home and he brought some bad habits, but he has learnt to behave normaly very quickly through kind and consequential care and during living in the pack.

He can live easily with other male dogs and he wants to comunicate and be OK with everyone.
As the adult dogs he needs some personal space and quiet, so he wouldn´t be happy in a flat with small children.
House with the garden and other dogs would be perfect, but we think he would be happy also as single dog with a lot of contact with his people.

His pedigree is very interesting.

25.2. 2014

Our puppies from litter A and B have entered succesfully show rings! More info soon :)

Boadicea, Baldr and Angua

Big thanks to all owners for great presentation!


Everybody meets something bad in his life, no matter how he tryes, but when it comes, it is just too heartbreaking.

Our beautiful puppies lost their fight in battle with bad lungs infection.

Farewell, my angels. We will never forget you!


We got our first real food and we eat like dragons! More in gallery.


News after very long time! We have lot of news and photos and we will put them here continually, but the most fresh news is our

C litter


More info and photos on page  Puppies.


New photos in gallery


21.2. 2013

Puppies already have their own page HERE and also a GALLERY with first photos.

8.2. 2013

Boots has 6 beautiful puppies, 4 boys and 2 girls :)

1 day old

19.1. 2012


29. 12. 2012

Some news from autumn – first puppy from our A-litter entered show! Angua was very profesional and got several VP1. Congrats and thank you, Lenka, for your perfect care!

The biggest news is our first maine-coon litter. Only one boy was born, but he is big and beautiful. We plan to divide dogs and cats part of the web, so more photos will be there, but one here – Astral Darkness from Izironk

18. 9. 2012

All puppies are now in their new homes. We have added profiles of Arietta and Albireo and gradually we will paste more photos in the photogalery. Our Arietta is growing into beautiful young lady. Her new photos HERE.

Atrei is reserved already and awaiting his new owners here. He spends his tme with his sister Arietta in the swimming pond, playing and hunting for water-bugs :)

14.8. 2012

Sweet boy Atreidek is available for loving home. He was not picked up by his new owners, for their own pity, because he is very nice gentle boy. He is also very keen on prey, this time presented by socks on the rope, but hopefully later on coursing.

12.7. 2012

At this time all puppies are reserved yet and just waiting to be picked up by their new owners. They eat a lot and play all day, but also get used to brushing, cleaning of ears and cutting of nails, and also train walking on the leash or off-leash in vicinity of our home.

1.7. 2012

Angua and Atreides are still available and looking for new loving show/pet home.

Angua Izironk

Atreides Izironk











Offspring of our Allperi is very succesful at coursings – Aida z Brňova got her second CACC in competition of nine females in WRV Nürnberg-Trautskirchen, Alfréd z Brňova got his second Czech CACT.

13.6. 2012

29.5. 2012

New pictures of puppies in GALLERY!

16.5. 2012

New pictures of puppies in age 3, 4 and 5 weeks here: GALERIE. Some are still available and some will be in 8 weeks, when we make our decision :)

We are celbrating succes of our dogs at Sighthound speciality show! Allperi got  CAC in champion class, Boots got her first czech CAC also in champion class in competiton with three other beautiful females and Hatchepsut beated them all and with really big style she became Special show winner!


Allperi’s son Alfréd z Brňova is Master of Czech in coursing!


We have puppies!


In the night from Saturday to Sunday 8 puppies was born, three boys and five girls. Everybody including mother is OK.

14.3. 2012

Foxey Lady is pregnant! Ultrasound has confirmed, that we are awaiting puppies and we look for them in the middle od March.




More info at puppies page.


CAC BRNO 8.1. 2012 – Boots on her first Czech show was V2 resCAC in champion class. Foxey Lady was V3 with a very nice judgement.

p style=”text-align: center;”>30.11.2011

Our pack has grown, we brought beautiful girl  Boots, Teine Seabury Walk On Water from Anne Midgarden, USA. Story from our exciting trip and photos are comming soon.

 Thank you again so much, Anne.

Our tom-cat Karamel was on his first show!

15.10. – CAC, BIV, nomBIS

16.10. – CAC, nomBIS, BIS, Maincoon speciality winner!!!
We are so happy!

3.9.  2011

CentralEuropean Sighthound speciality Konopiště – Allperi V1 CAC in Champion class, Foxey V3 in Open

Allperi tím splnil podmínky pro získání titulu GRANDŠAMPION ČR!

4.6. 2011

Allperi’s daughter Aida z Brňova has started her show career with great succes! Puppy BOB on German Borzoi Years Show 2011 and Puppy BOB, Puppy BIS on CAC Ingolstadt.  Congratulations to Aida and to her kind owner Mrs. Kain and good luck for the future!

16.6. 2011

We were on our first real coursing. Haty made us very happy when she got 4th place and resCACIL. More info and photos HERE.


Our girls Fermata and Hatchepsut have finished their coursing licence, so they can run official coursings yet. Photos and more info HERE.



Saturday – judge Mrs. Pavlásková

Allperi Highlands Heart V2 resCAC

Hatchepsut Bistkupstwo V2 resCAC

Sunday – judge Mr. Štefík

Allperi Highlands Heart V1 CAC CACIB BOB

Hatchepsut Bistkupstwo V1 CAC

Photos in gallery, more informations soon.


CAC Olomouc – Allperi Highlands Heart V1 CAC, National Winner, BOB

Foxey Lady Bistkupstwo - V3

30.12. 2010

We wish you all everything the best, let the next year be better that this, we wish you many friends and no envy and hatred, no gossip and first of all – we wish you to meet you beloved ones next New Year’s Eve happy and healthy.


Our Hatchepsut celebrates her 2. birthday today. Best wishes, sweetheart!

We have new part of web – BLOG, where shorter texts will be placed – reports from trips, stories and other short text not only from us, but also of our friends.

Allperi’s puppies in kennel z Brňova are growing perfectly. There is their new photogallery in the age of 5. weeks. Photos are HERE or on the  kennel z Brňova.


Alpi’s puppies have new photos HERE. I also put photos of his offspring on our web into his part – HERE. I will actualize these photos continuously.


One week ago Alperi’s children were born in kennel z Brňova!

Mom Paloma is OK and 14 beautiful puppies are growing well, half of the litter with another bitch feeding them.

Here are their photos, feel free to visit :)


Allperi is going to be father! :) Ultrasound confirmed that mating was succesful and there will be puppies from him in kennel z Brňovain October.

1.9. se nám narodila holčička Viktorka. Všichni jsme zdraví a spokojení, užíváme se miminko a těšíme se na návrat do výstavních kruhů, hned jak trošku povyroste.

16.8. 2010

Our Allperi had his first matting :) In Monday an elegant miss Paloma Fi-It visited us. Everything was OK and in a month we are looking forward to see, if the matting was succesfull.

I have added link to Palomas kennel - borzois from Brňov.


On Special sighthound show in Slatiňany our Hatchepsut got her third CAC from Danish judge Lotte Jorgenson!

Allperi was also succesful and got V2 resCAC in competition of five champions. More info in section Show as usually.


All four our dogs has been registered as stud dogs/females! We do not plan any puppies yet. In september we await the third child born, so we have lot of work with our own “little ones” :)

HERE you can see photos from National show Mladá Boleslav - feel free to download any of them, just write a source to them :)


We were on  National show in Mladá BoleslavHatchepsut got in middle-class her second CAC! We are very proud of her :)

Allperi was very lazy this time and he was running “cross” the ring, so the judge didn’t like his move and gave him EX3, but very nice judgement anyway. We have to train with him a little more, he is sleepy boy in this hot summer;-)

Photos will follow very soon, I promise :)


On Club show in Lysá nad Labem we got

Hatchepsut Bistkupstwo V1 CAC

andFoxey Lady Bistkupstwo V2 resCAC.

We don’t have any photos this time, but there are beautiful pictures as usually from photographer Eva Mizerová – HERE.


I’ve added a new gallery – With friends. Our good friend with her two shelter-dogs have visited us and you can see – no problem for borzoi to play with a very small animal – not just to hunt it.

3.5. 2010

Another nice show for our dogs – on CACIB Praha Allperi Highlands Heart got CAC in an open class from seven dogs

and Foxey Lady Bistkupstwo another CAC from open class from 5 bitches. We are very happy, that they both showed again their qualities after last weekend.PHOTOS here, short report here.

24. – 25. 4. 2010 Fantastic succes just for the beginning of this show season!

CACIB České Budějovice:

Allperi Highlands Heart – V1 CAC CACIB BOB

Foxey Lady Bistkupstwo – V1 CAC CACIB (her first show)

Hatchepsut Bistkupstwo – V2 resCAC

and the second day

Club show KCHCH

Allperi Highlands Heart – V1 CAC (filled conditions for Czech champion)

Foxey Lady Bistkupstwo – V1 CAC

Hatchepsut Bistkupstwo – V2 resCAC

Photogallery HERE – detail info will come soon :)

12.4.2010 We have made a fence around lower part of the garden. Haty and Alpi were running and fighting a lot, Foxey – like a reasonable woman – just run around borders and than she made her “stand” under the old neighbour’s wallnut. Fermata refused to join such nonsence like running around a fence and fighting with the others and she went to her sofa after some minutes :D Photos HERE

31.3.2010 Finally I have pasted pictures in all galleries.

27.3. 2010
Today we have started to fill the conditions for running licence with Fermata, Hatchepsut and Allperi. Unfortunatelly our dogs do not know basket, so they absolved their first run with some hesitating, but both girls finished succesfully. Allperi was succesful in his own way – he stopped, took off the basket and than he finished his run. He have finished, but not succesfully. In addition to it he has hurt his finger, so he couldn’t continue with the second run.
The girls run their second run together and both very succesfully, especially Hatchepsut was very enthusiastic. We are very happy about it. She is a real runner!

19.2. 2010
We have registered a name of our kennel – Izironk. We don’t plan puppies yet. We are looking forward to show season and we hope we will visit some coursing and make a licence this year.

We wish a happy New year 2010 to everyone!