A man for scratching


A man for scratching

wrote: Adam Nonsence Kenci after careful observation of our family :)

I’m in the tusks. The Tusks. The village is called tusks, possibly Tusk Vineyards, I’m not sure. Maybe this is name now, maybe it was a name before, I do not know. When I came here by bus, I say:  “Stop in part Kly Lom – in English Tusks, Quarry. Maybe there was a quarry for the tusks. Maybe a giant mass grave of mammoths, fallen in quarry … but it was not probably here in that time. So they just fell in the pit and died. Time covered them and the excavator thousands of years later  uncovered again. So there had to be the quarry and they mined the tusks there. Or not.

Maybe there was once just broken tusks. I absolutely can not think why anyone would do that and what sense it might make, but maybe it did, or not. What is essential that I go here to my friends. We’ve known each other for several years, we have quite a lot in common and we shared together. Two months ago they had a baby, in order the third, or more precisely the second, it is difficult, but let’s don’t pull it to this story. My friends love animals and animals love them. I’ve seen here eight cats. Of course, among them were males also. They are are extremely refined and distinctive, yet you know what cats are. If you want to cuddle, they do not want, and then, when you least need it, they will compel your attention. But it would hurt them, it is not so bad. Well … it is not so, there is some truth in it. After all, you know cats. And tomcats.

Friends now have three children. One is already quite big. He walks, runs, jumps, express opinions and plays computer games. Two other children are doing similar things, but not so grown up. The middle child is handy. Hairy angel. She knows, which sound makes the snake and what is meaning of words: dad, mom and “it is not”. It can extract the pie and pick all the apples from it, or steal what is right under your nose in a moment. She pulls the cat’s tail, and waves for goodnight. An angel. The youngest child is a baby. Most of the time spent in the seat and sleeping. Almost like my grandfather. Only about 75 years is between them and in the number of teeth still wons my grandpa. Not for long. Baby can suck pacifier or a finger. She can do in the diapers, laugh and cry and cry when something is not right, like the state of diapers. Three children, that’s quite enough work. Some of today’s modern moms have a problem with one little child.

In addition to these lads there are two beautiful black cats in the house. Actually, one of them is masculine, so the cat and the tomcat. Actually, until they cut them… you know what. So, now house is occupied by two feline beasts – neuters. Three children and two cats, it is quite enough. Today’s modern moms tend to have problems with one child …

In addition, it is a family of four more dogs. Jesus, you say – you fools. Perhaps at least some tiny, some yorkies or poodle or something. In fact, if Alpiš wanted -Allperi Highlandsheart is his full name, he would bear yorkies in his mouth. He would probably half the poodle to bear it, but it would not be a problem, assuming that he really would want. Alpiš the Borzoi and as well his three companion – girls.

Whoever created the Borzoi, had an enormous imagination, ambition and high attention to detail. Dogs are so fast that before you can throw a toy and say “fetch”, they will be lying at your feet and probably bored Borzoi will fall asleep. But when it sees a hare or a fox, and will not even blink and they are away. You can of course train them not to chase and ban it, but hand on heart, why would anyone do that?

Or perhaps you want to lost a chance  to see a magnificent view of the happy creature flying through the country? The paws do not touch the ground, no, just tickling the tip of the stalk, and it drives forward with energy accumulated in hours of fair practice – long rest on the mattress. They are beautiful animals. The size of a small deer or a pony. The shape of the body meets the highest European standards for aerodynamics. Head and snout is narrow and elongated, half-human, half cat eyes miss nothing, except that the Borzoi affords a nap, so each rabbit may be stolen to him, he just will caught it tomorrow. Every hair, every curl makes sense and is perfect as it is. When viewed from the side, in anthelion, Borzoi responds to light semi-permeable, while at the sight of AnFas finally you realize what we mean when we say “that is a paper dog” /the dog with the pedigree papers/.

Fermata – Mátka, the oldest, beautiful and beautifully colored in a color I haven’t ever seen on a dog, noble as a precious steed, faithful as a swan and a shy as…  well, shy a lot. She is too cautious and solidarity, leaves you a full bowl of her food without batting an eye. When everyone around has eaten and something has left, she maybe will eat a little bit too. Maybe she just smacks and is ashamed by it, and therefore she does not want to eat before the others. I was pleased very much, that is recognized me after such a long time. She laughed at me with her borzoi laugh, lips curling up, crouching nose and grinning like a man.

Hatynka (Hatchepsut), another family of Borzoi, who last saw me at the time she was a small crazy puppy, jumped at me furiously and successfully gave me marks on my laundered jacket. Crazyness and audacity are still her second name, but to be angry with her man just can not. Absolutely completely dominates with the sight: “Me? And what about me? ”

Foxey, with whom we have seen the first time, came for cuddling and I feel I could cuddle her forever. As if we were old friends. In fact, only Alpiš was necessery to be held, when I was comming though the garden. He is a big guy already and  daddy, watching the territory and he might possibly be able to catch me. If I was lucky enough to see him before he did, I would say not enough “Oh, sh… ” and I had a hole in my trousers … at best. Alpiš sniffed to me, I cuddled him and I was approved.

The Borzoi are great easy-men. They do not enforce attention, they don’t need to. Wherever they appear, arouse enough attention that someone  willing to cuddle them offers his service . The exception is actually Hatynka. She is indeed not so aggressive in enforcing her needs as the youngest baby, reporting that in a sector of diaper was f .. failure, but still. She can howl in several ways, in different keys, continuously changing from the howling to howling while closely watching for those types of howling, which respond to the initiative of bipedal Borzoi most. The reason is mostly the distribution of food and full plates, to which she was not, apparently accidentally, invited.