2,5 years

2,5 years


* 21. 4. 2012

mother: Foxey Lady Bistkupstwo

father: Oleg Kalinow

Whe she was born, she was so big and so beautifully colored. Petr told me that evening: “We will definitelly keep her.” I just smiled and told him, we do not plan to keep a girl, but a boy. And yet it was her, who we decided to keep in the end. Ariettka is sweet, cuddly, loving girl, rather submissive, full of energy all the time, and a bit crazy too. Although she is rather smaller, she is a strong female with good bones and structure and very well musculated. She has perfect black pigment and very dark eyes. After both parents she took quality, strong and soft coat.


at home

She is unbelievably inteligent. She holds us “alert” all the time with her “inventions and naughty plans”. But on the other hand she is very obedient and understanding. She easily wins heart of every visitor. The biggest happiness for her is to jump at someone´s shoulders and stick to him for at least 1/2 hour with loving sights and kisses.




5 months


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