Teine Seabury Walk On Water


* 2. 2. 2008

  mother: Ch Seabury´s Star Gazer

  father: Ch Teine Katz Night Moves

Boots is our dream that came true. We were thinking about bringing Teine dog several years and than planed about a year and one day The Day came and we stepped out of airplane in Detroit, we finally met our dearest Anne and in about 2,5 hours our sweet, beloved Boots.

Boots loves everything around her – she flirts with dogs, cats, people and everyone who is around. Her nature is sweet, soft and gentle and She knows how to ask for cuddling. She can stand for 10 minutes on your lap like a little baby to wait for the proper moment to fall down on you.

In the beginning of 2013 she gave us beautiful litter B – five boys and two girls.


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