Booty Bay Izironk

1,5 years

1,5 years

8 months


* 8. 2. 2013   +27.11. 2014

mother: Ch. Teine Seabury Walk on Water

father: Ch. Allperi Highlands Heart

Mimin was little sweet baby since he was little puppy, and that name  (Mimin meant “baby-boy” in funny formulation) grown on him, although now he is bigger than his father. He is kind, loving boy, a bit stubborn, a bit goofy and crazy, but first of all he loves to cuddle…


Mimin left us due to overall collaps caused by multiple factor after being lost, attacked by wild animal and than operated in deep anesthesis.

We gladly will discuss everything with everyone who will contact us. We respect every person, who is fair minded and speaks about our stuff with us and not only “behind us”. We warmly invite anyone to visit us :)

Now we have Mimin´s first and last puppies, who were conceived before his tragical accident.


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